For our customers


For our customers

Since April, Sakura Cook has discontinued classes at Namba Studios, offering only online lessons. The studio class will be resumed from May 27, but for the safety of our customers, the maximum number of open classes is limited to 4 people.
* In the case of 1 group, up to 8 people can be accepted.

In addition, we will operate according to the following rules.
・ Wash your hands carefully and disinfect.
・ Please wear a mask during the lesson.
・ Please use the provided paper towel, mask and apron.
・ Do not touch your cell phone or pen while cooking.
・ For menus that use raw ingredients (such as sushi), make them individually or wear gloves.
・ Please refrain from participating if you have a fever or cough.

Let’s be careful and enjoy cooking!

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4月以降、Sakura Cookは難波スタジオでのクラスを中止し、オンラインレッスンのみ提供してきました。5月27日よりスタジオクラスを再開しますが、お客様の安全のため、オープンクラスの最大人数を4名に制限いたします。



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