Seasonal Cooking ☆NEW☆

The recipe of this class changes every season.

Schedule    11:30~13:30/18:00~20:00
Price    7,560yen (TAX included)
Lesson language    日本語, English, 中文(需提前申请)


■Autumn Program : October – December 15th

Wagyu sukiyaki with udon noodle 和牛すき焼き(うどん付)
Seasonal fruits 季節のフルーツ

Information on ingredients
This class uses beef, egg(optional).
For vegetarian / vegan
Beef is essential in this class.
For Muslims
This class does not use pork. It is possible to change to Haral Seasoning.

季節のクラスを予約する/Book Seasonal class

Autumn Program info.


季節のクラスを予約する/Book Seasonal class

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