Japanese Popular Dishes Cooking Class | VIDEO course


Sakura Cook’s cooking class is available on Udemy’s online video course. In this course you will learn traditional Japanese broth and 5 popular dishes. 1.5 hour program consisting of 22 lectures.

After mastering the most important element, DASHI, you will learn five dishes, MISOSHIRU, DONBURI, OKONOMIYAKI, UDON and RAMEN. These are popular not only among Japanese but also foreign visitors in Japan and are the most appropriate dishes for you to start with. Don’t worry, the cooking techniques are arranged for beginners.

While the cooking skills of this course may not seem enough for intermediate to advanced cooks, you will find this gives you deep knowledge of Japanese cuisine as a part of Japanese culture.

Course Name: Japanese Popular Dishes Cooking Class
Course price: 7,200JPY

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