Ramen & Gyoza(dumplings)


9,800JPY (TAX included)

Make perfect Ramen and two kinds of Gyoza
1. Salt Ramen with Chicken
Toppings: chicken, green onion, sweet corn, seaweed
2. Round shaped Pork Gyoza (3)
Filling: pork, cabbage and other vegetables
3. Rectangular shaped Vegetable Gyoza (2)
Filling: mushroom, cabbage and other vegetables
*Served with dessert

Lesson language
日本語, English, 中文(需提前申请)

Information on ingredients
This class uses pork, chicken.
For vegetarian / vegan
It can be changed to vegetable ingredients. Please request three days in advance.
For Muslims
This class use pork (can be changed to beef or vegetable).

ラーメン&餃子を予約する/Book Ramen & Gyoza



ラーメン&餃子を予約する/Book Ramen & Gyoza

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