Gyoza sisters


🥟Lovely sisters who visited Japan from the US and the Philippines. They enjoyed a ramen and gyoza class together!
RAMEN&GYOZA cooking class
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Hawaiian ramen


Guests from Hawaii participated in a class to make ramen and gyoza from scratch. 🍜🥟
Thank you ❣️🤩

RAMEN & GYOZA cooking class

Sakura cook  +81-(0)70-8561-5030


Japanese RAMEN and GYOZA Cooking | VIDEO course


What you will learn in this course are several types of Japanese Ramen and Gyoza / dumplings. You will make all the dishes from scratch. 

The cooking techniques you will learn in this course are not easy, but after mastering them you will have a great sense of accomplishment. Also, the recipes marked with an asterisk (*) in this course are vegan and vegetarian friendly.

What you learn about Ramen

3 types of noodles (basic Thin straight noodles*, Thin wavy egg noodles, Thick straight black sesame noodles*)
5 kinds of toppings (Char siu /Seasoned cooked pork, Ajitama /Seasoned boiled egg, spicy Ebi /shrimp, boiled Chingensai /Bok choy*, and steamed Yasai /Vegetables*)
3 kinds of broth and soup (soy sauce flavored soup with pork broth, salt flavored soup with shrimp broth, Miso flavored soup with Kombu /kelp broth*)
How to boil the noodles and dish up.

What you learn about Gyoza

Two types of wrappers* (round and rectangular)
Two types of filling (vegetables with pork, vegetables with mushrooms*)
Two ways of folding Gyoza and cooking method.
Tare /dipping sauce

Course Name: Japanese RAMEN and GYOZA Cooking
Course price: 7,800JPY

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Happy Ramen Gyoza


Thank you for participating in the Ramen and Gyoza cooking class from Kobe. They cooked everything from scratch!

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