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We connected online with a guest in Tokyo and had a private class of Oyakodon. We enjoyed cooking together even if we were away!



オンライン親子丼を予約する/Book ONLINE Oyakodon

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Master Class (Issue Certificate)


3-day Master Class for Professionals   – Issue a certificate of completion –

This master class is for professional cooks and advanced level participants. You will be able to learn a lot of Japanese cuisine in 3 days with this program. You can also choose to take the course on a daily basis.

The next schedule is undecided.

8 people

Program  >>See the example PDF file for details.
Day 1 : Variety of traditional Japanese food, knowledge of Kaiseki cuisine
Day 2 : Professional ramen, several Donburi menus
Day 3 : Cut raw fish, sashimi, arrange sushi, stewed fish

Booking & Payment
Pay selected dates (45,000 JPY / 1 day),  Pay 3 days (120,000 JPY / 3 days)



3-day Live Kitchen Training   – Issue a certificate of completion –

LIVE TRAINING opportunities in the kitchen of a Japanese restaurant. Learn about professional techniques deeply and practice repeatedly. These are special programs for master class.

The next schedule is undecided.
*This class requires norovirus testing in advance. 

2 people / each program

Program  >>See the example PDF file for details.
A: Cut some raw fish, learn sashimi presentation techniques, some styles of sushi
B : Make some styles of fried food, learn presentation techniques
C : Traditional Japanese food like dashi roll omelette, simmered vegetable

Booking & Payment
45,000 JPY / 1 person / 1 day,   75,000 JPY / 2 people / 1 day
Norovirus testing 6,000 JPY / 1 person
*Training fees vary depending on the number of participants.

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Live training


フィリピンのシェフが、本格的な日本料理レストラン「たちばな ヒルトンプラザイースト店」の厨房で実習を行いました。彼は生魚をカットし、刺身や寿司を作った他、いくつかの揚げ物も料理しました。
A Filipino chef trained in a kitchen at the authentic Japanese restaurant “Tachibana Hilton Plaza East”. He cut raw fish, made sashimi and sushi, also cooked some fried foods.



レストラン厨房実習について/About Live Kitchen Training

Sakura cook  +81-(0)6-6626-9088